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Av. Jose Alcalde Delano 10581, of 501, Lo Barnechea, Región Metropolitana.       Phone: +56 2 32 03 9516      E-mail: contacto@minetrust.com

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Av. Jose Alcalde Delano 10581, of 501, Lo Barnechea, Región Metropolitana.       Phone: +56 2 32 03 9516      E-mail: contacto@minetrust.com

The main environmental impact generated in mining activities is the emission of particulate matter or dust, due to its different production stages. One of them is due to the high traffic of vehicles due to the transport of material, causing a great problem of pollution suspended in particles. This contamination notably affects human, animal and plant health, transport operations due to loss of security, increase in maintenance and operation costs and loss of productivity.

That is why the Control of dust emissions has the highest priority in the governmental and business concerns, mainly for the protection of its greater working capital that are the Considering the importance and relevance of the effort for the control of the emissions of particles mainly those categorized as PM 10 and PM 2,5, as well as the plans developed for the eradication of diseases such as Silicosis, ECOTEC SA , a Chilean company leader in hygiene and maintenance products, has developed a solution of high efficiency in the control of dust in roads and load centers: ECO-ANTIDUST, additive agent dust suppressor.


ECO-ANTIDUST - Solution for the Control of Emissions in Mining Sites

Characteristics and functionality of eco-antidust

It is a powder control additive for sprinkler or irrigation water on roads. it acts increasing the humidification and penetration of the water used, favoring in this way the agglomeration of microscopic particles of dust to a greater size, increasing the weight of these avoiding thus the pollution by air currents or energies by movement. achievements per action of eco-antidust - important saving of irrigation water in slaughter. - greater security for better visual control of transports. - lower vehicle maintenance costs. - improvement of air quality by reduction of PM 10 and PM 2,5 particles. - Fuel savings by reduction of risk in work. - Increase in productivity due to improvement in the movement of vehicles.


Applications of eco-antidust

specially designed for treatments of high traffic roads in areas of extreme conditions in mining operations, rural roads, construction zones, recreational facilities, etc. technical specifications aspect: viscous liquid, translucent red. ph: 12.0 to 13.0 specific gravity: 1.02 -1.04 solubility: total in cold or hot water, soft or hard. flammability: aqueous based product, non-flammable. biodegradability: biodegradable and free of phosphates. eco-antidust is a completely biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive and flammable product. in dilutions of use it is a neutral product, not reactive with any type of material. it does not contribute contaminants to the environment and insurance for users.


because it is a super concentrated formula, it works at large dilutions of use. To control fine dust that is suspended in windy air, normally use at 1: 1,000 dilution. for other applications, the dilution will be related to the particle size and the weight of it, it is generally necessary to test dilutions of 1: 500 to 1: 2,500 in water. In tank trucks, apply the appropriate amount of the product depending on the volume of the pond directly to the water. the movement of the truck will allow homogenization. In other applications, first apply the product, then the instructions for use water slowly to facilitate dilution and prevent the formation of foam. For more information our technicians are at your disposal to guide you regarding any questions you may have.


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