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Av. Jose Alcalde Delano 10581, of 501, Lo Barnechea, Región Metropolitana.       Phone: +56 2 32 03 9516      E-mail: contacto@minetrust.com



Principles of Rolling a Küpper Roller


Küpper rollers have low rolling resistance and long service life. This is the result of a work between the Küpper companies, world leader in bearings and rollers for conveyor belts - and prestigious universities in Germany and the United States.



What are the resistances that affect the Rollers:



The proper selection of the size and type of rolling of a roller is fundamental, since it allows that the rubbing, the vibration and noise caused by these are minor.

The protection cages and the type of lubricants are determining factors in the life of a bearing. Our Küpper rollers, have plastic or metal cages (depending on the application) with ATEX certification, which prevent the bearing from increasing its temperature, break the cage and stop the balls inside the bearing causing the roller to lock.




Our Küpper rollers have a seal of six parts / parts with lubrication that ensures its impermeability and a long service life.



The Küpper return rollers use polyurethane (PU) rings, which, given the correct geometry of these, added to the qualities of the material used in their manufacture, allow it to be achieved:

• 5 times longer life than rubber rings (rubber).

• 2 times lower rolling resistance than rubber (rubber) rings.


High Quality Küpper Rollers 

Küpper is a successful German company with more than 80 years of experience and three generations facing the challenges of the global mining market.

Today it has 180 employees distributed in two production plants in the cities of Bottrop and Velbert.

With a great know-how, creativity and focus on its customers, Küpper designs and manufactures innovative and high quality rollers for mining, reliability and trust being the factors that define their business relationships.

The company, through an exhaustive protocol that complies with the DIN German Manufacturing Standard, designs tailored solutions for each client, helping in this way to increase the efficiency of their production processes, since the advanced manufacturing technology of the Küpper rollers, allows significant energy savings in the operation of mineral transport systems.


Küpper rollers are operating on conveyor belts around the world (Andina, Collahuasi and Radomiro Tomic in Chile), working even in extremely adverse conditions.


Types of Rollers

We have rollers of load, return and impact, which are designed and manufactured for each specific application individually, through a robotic process that measures step by step the quality of each of the production stages, issuing a certificate that endorses said control (quality assurance). This allows us to guarantee that each Küpper roller purchased will have a long service life, thanks to the fact that the assembly and manufacturing system processes are fully automatic and of high precision.

In the case of the Küpper Return Rollers, it should be noted that these use polyurethane (PU) rings specially developed by them, it is possible to achieve a useful life 5 times greater than with the traditional rubber rings (rubber) and with a resistance to shot 2 times smaller.



Rodillos Sensing Idler

Küpper developed a system to detect failures in the components of the rollers by measuring the temperature.

The temperature diagnostic method using a sensor, allows measurement in the required position, continuous measurements and reliably.


- Economical and reliable monitoring system.

- Continuous monitoring of the loading roller.

- Short installation times, easy change of loading rollers.

- Intelligent evaluation algorithm.

- Use of existing roller loading stations.

- Messages on the Smartphone or on the PC.




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